What it’s like being a Receptionist at Ashburn Veterinary Hospital

I have been working at Ashburn Veterinary Hospital for ten wonderful years. This job has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had because of the strong relationships I have with our clients and their furry family members. I’ll admit, my day always starts out a bit hectic. Charts, phone calls and pet insurance forms quickly pile up as the “ring, ring” of the phone continues to whisper in the background.

For me, that extra spark of happiness happens whenever I peer out our front doors and see an appointment pull up. I love greeting our clients with a smile as I make both pet parent and pet feel at ease.

I think pets and pet owners would agree when I say that a veterinarian’s office is not the most fun place on earth, but it is my job to make each dog wag their tail and to make every owner smile.

I love seeing the transformation of a first time pet. Usually, they approach the door with caution, tail tucked and head down. With just enough sweet encouragement from me, (and a treat of course!) I quickly see that timid pup transform into a playful, happy dog. I love knowing that I helped make his visit a little easier with the perfect recipe of love, encouragement and treats!

At Ashburn Vet, we love getting to know our clients! So next time you’re in the area, stop by for a quick visit! We promise you will get big smiles from the staff and your furry friend will get lots of cuddles and treats!

We look forward to seeing you!

With Love,




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