Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Your Dog

Thanksgiving is a blessed time of year where we get to spend quality time with our friends and family. Thanksgiving is all about love, laughter, thankfulness and of course FOOD! But with all the guests coming to visit and all the food being served, it is important to remember these safety tips to keep your dog safe during the holiday season.


1) As guests come in and out of your front door, consider keeping your pets in a safe place in order to prevent them from running outside. With all the commotion and excitement, it’s best to keep your dog in a quite area of your home until guests are settled in.

2) Did you know that some of your favorite thanksgiving foods are toxic to dogs? Keep your pup away from sage, onions, garlic, bread dough, chocolate and alcohol, just to name a few. For a more detailed list, please visit the ASPCA website.

3) Do not give any bones to your dog.  Even a cooked bone is often brittle and sharp pieces can get lodged in your dog’s throat, stomach or even intestines.

4) Keep the trash locked up! With all the commotion, it’s important to keep the trash can away from your dog. On Thanksgiving, the trash contains many dangerous items such as bones, corn husks, raw meat, aluminum foil and more.

5) Give your dog a toy or treat to reward them for their good behavior. When everyone is sitting down for the meal, consider giving your dog his favorite toy to occupy him when everyone is eating.

Ashburn Veterinary Hospital wishes you a safe, blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

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