Gifts for Your Dog

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, but during the holidays it’s easy to overlook this important part of our family. Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate your furry friend. No matter what your dog’s personality is we have the perfect gift idea!

Senior Sleeper

orthoAlthough this luxe couch pet bed is orthopedic, it certainly isn’t restricted to senior sleepers. Any posh pooch would love the plush foam mattress of this couch design pet bed. The ultra-soft suede material will leave you wishing Cozy Cuddlerz made this foam cushion pet bed in your size!

The Gobbler

Meal time can be a bit stressful if you have a gobbler on your hands. This playful interactive dog bowl by Aikiou (pronounced IQ), encourages your pup to eat more slowly. Slow eating can reduce digestive discomfort and related issues. Put your pup’s problem solving skills to the test while you train him to savor every bite.

Trendy Terrier

Lhasa apso puppy at ChristmasSubscription boxes are all the rage. You have one for make-up, one for snacks, and even one for crocheting! What about your furry best friend? If your dog is up on all of the latest trends, Barkbox is the perfect subscription box for this holiday season. Each month you trendy pup will receive a box packed with the latest toys and the tastiest (and healthiest!) treats. You’ll find you’re just as excited to open up the new Barkbox every month.

Fashion Choices

Keep your fashion maven mutt in the latest threads. This sweater is made with your dog’s style and comfort in mind. Some pups are made for the winter weather, but others have thin skin and coats. Your dog will be ready to tackle the brisk winds in this luxurious sweater!


Gourmet Pooch

Your furry friend isn’t a picky eater, he’s a gourmet pooch. Don’t leave him out of the holiday festivities! These limited edition holiday dog treats, Gingerbread Dog Houses, is made with all-natural ingredients. They focus on organic whole grains and local eggs, honey, and peanut products. BowwowMeow Bakery bakes their treats in small batches so you and your furry foodie will have the best every time.

winter dog

Your furry friend is with you through thick and thin. This holiday season spend a little dough on your doe-eyed, fuzzy companion to let them know they’re a part of the family. From premium dog beds to gourmet treats, there is no gift too big or small to win their love.


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