Gifts for Your Dog

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, but during the holidays it’s easy to overlook this important part of our family. Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate your furry friend. No matter what your dog’s personality is we have the perfect gift idea!

Senior Sleeper

orthoAlthough this luxe couch pet bed is orthopedic, it certainly isn’t restricted to senior sleepers. Any posh pooch would love the plush foam mattress of this couch design pet bed. The ultra-soft suede material will leave you wishing Cozy Cuddlerz made this foam cushion pet bed in your size!

The Gobbler

Meal time can be a bit stressful if you have a gobbler on your hands. This playful interactive dog bowl by Aikiou (pronounced IQ), encourages your pup to eat more slowly. Slow eating can reduce digestive discomfort and related issues. Put your pup’s problem solving skills to the test while you train him to savor every bite.

Trendy Terrier

Lhasa apso puppy at ChristmasSubscription boxes are all the rage. You have one for make-up, one for snacks, and even one for crocheting! What about your furry best friend? If your dog is up on all of the latest trends, Barkbox is the perfect subscription box for this holiday season. Each month you trendy pup will receive a box packed with the latest toys and the tastiest (and healthiest!) treats. You’ll find you’re just as excited to open up the new Barkbox every month.

Fashion Choices

Keep your fashion maven mutt in the latest threads. This sweater is made with your dog’s style and comfort in mind. Some pups are made for the winter weather, but others have thin skin and coats. Your dog will be ready to tackle the brisk winds in this luxurious sweater!


Gourmet Pooch

Your furry friend isn’t a picky eater, he’s a gourmet pooch. Don’t leave him out of the holiday festivities! These limited edition holiday dog treats, Gingerbread Dog Houses, is made with all-natural ingredients. They focus on organic whole grains and local eggs, honey, and peanut products. BowwowMeow Bakery bakes their treats in small batches so you and your furry foodie will have the best every time.

winter dog

Your furry friend is with you through thick and thin. This holiday season spend a little dough on your doe-eyed, fuzzy companion to let them know they’re a part of the family. From premium dog beds to gourmet treats, there is no gift too big or small to win their love.


Fall Hikes with Your Dog!

Autumn is a wonderful time for outdoor adventures with median temperatures the perfect amount of sun exposure. While there is no need to worry about hot pavement and gravel or freezing temperature, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you plan on taking your pup for an afternoon or a few days in the great outdoors.Depositphotos_48304111_original

  • Know the trail – Before you head out to the state or national park of your choice do a little research especially if you plan on being out on the trail for more than a day. You should be able to find out whether or not dogs are welcome, any water points if applicable, park hours, and possibly even a map of the trail.
  • Pack up – In addition to water and snacks for yourself, you’ll want to be sure that you pack some for your furry friend! You should also be sure to take a leash and collar for your dog. Be aware of and adhere to any leash laws. Remember that your dog probably won’t be the only one out on the trail.
  • Know your pup – Not every dog dreams of trekking up a mountain. Keep your dog’s fitness level in mind; there are many leisurely trails that take little effort and time to complete if your dog isn’t used to extended periods of physical activity. Another thing to keep in mind are limitations of your breed; some breeds, especially those that are brachycephalic, have a more difficult time breathing than others so you will need to pay closer attention to them during your walk. Ensure that your dog knows and responds to commands, especially if you plan on letting your dog off leash. This is not just for your dog’s safety, but for the safety of everyone on the trail.
  • Getting home – Don’t forget to check your dog for ticks when you get home. If you’ve been trekking on overgrown paths you may find a tick or two on your dog even with the best flea and tick medication.

You’re informed and ready to roll out with your road dog, but where should you go? All of these trails are picturesque and dog-friendly.

  • Burke Lake Park – Fairfax, VA: This park is better suited for a leisurely walk and activities than an upward mountain trek. Dogs are welcome, but be sure to keep them on leash.
  • Bull Run-Occoquan Trail – Centreville, VA: This trail is follows the bend of the Occoquan River and is suitable for hikers of differing skill level. You can stay on the main trail or visit the branching trails.
  • Virginia Arboretum – Harrisonburg, VA: If you’re up for a little learning with your hike visit the Virginia Arboretum. More walk and less hike, this trail offers the best foliage that Virginia has to offer in one place.

Mild temperatures are ideal for long hikes and Virginia foliage has long been the backdrop for paintings and long, lazy drives. There is no one better to enjoy this sweater weather with than your four-legged best friend.

Fall Boston Puppy


Yappy Hours in NOVA

Let’s face it, you and your pup can only watch so many reruns and Netflix marathons!  Bars, breweries, and wineries in Virginia are steadily becoming more dog friendly. Dog-friendly happy hours or Yappy Hours, as some call them, are taking off in NoVA. Don’t worry if you can’t find an official Yappy Hour we have some dog-friendly hot spots that just might do the trick. If you and your friends want to grab a drink with your four-legged pal then you’re in luck.

Stunning Vineyard Sunset

Cantina Marina – DC: This beach inspired bar is one of the best places to catch a sunset and sip with your best pal. Check out the dog biscuit bar for your pup while you drink in the maritime views.

Shake Shack – Throughout Virginia and DC: Not only does this good ole’ burger chain love dogs as much as we all do, dogs actually have their own mini-menu*! Don’t miss out on the Bag O’ Bones or the Pooch-ini. Cheers to you and your pup!

Barrel Oak Winery – Delaplane: Barrel Oak Winery is well known for being a haven for dog lovers and wine lovers alike. If the name, BOW, is any indication your pup is in for a good time. Gather a group of your friends and their furry pals and enjoy scenic views, great wine, and live music for a good time.

Crooked Run Brewing – Leesburg: Crooked Run has an English Setter on property for you and your dog to play with. Well-behaved people and their pups are welcome to partake on the patio. This brewery doesn’t sell food, so don’t forget to pack a picnic with extra dog biscuits!

There are many bars, wineries, and breweries in Virginia that are super dog friendly! Some venues have their own established Yappy Hours, but you can unofficially start your own at a dog-friendly place as long as you have good friends. Don’t forget to check out your local dog lovers Meetup page for even more dog-friendly social activities.

*Shake Shack dog menu not available in stadiums, ballparks, or airports.

Keep Your Dog Safe in a Heat Wave

Golden retriever in flowersThe sun is shining, the days are long and summer is in full swing in Virginia!

This week we are experiencing temperatures in the 90’s and a heat wave warning has been issued for our area. It’s important to remember that we aren’t the only ones in danger of heat stroke; our furry family members also need to stay cool and protected from this summer heat.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to keep your pet safe all summer long!

  1. When letting your dog outside make sure they have Drinking beagle puppyaccess to cold water and shade. Limit time outside to 5-10 minutes on days that are extremely hot. Pay close attention to the body language of your pup to be sure they are not overheating.

  2. If you are staying outside with your dog for longer periods of time, lightly spray them down with the hose to cool them off. Most pups love playing with water, so this is a fun activity too!


  3. We all love to play with our pups but on hot days it’s important to limit exercise and playtime. If you do want to exercise with your pup, the coolest hours of the day are just after sunrise.

  4. Long walks are great for your pup but not in the hot weather. Not only can your dog overheat quickly, they can easily burn their paw pads. Walk your dog on the grass if possible and on extremely hot days, skip the walk for something less dangerous. A great Egg on hot road surface beginning to frytest to see if the pavement is hot enough to burn your pet, put the back of your hand on the pavement, and if you can’t keep it there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your pup’s feet.

  5. Humans love ice-cream on a hot summer day and so does your pup! Make your pet a dog-friendly frozen treat, like these Peanut Butter & Banana Pup-sicles!


  6. Never leave your dog inside the car alone on hot summer days. Even if the windows are open, the car can still heat up very quickly. The temperature within a car can climb from 75 degrees F to 110 degrees F within 15 minutes.

  7. Buy a kiddie pool! A cheap plastic kiddie pool could be a great way to keep your dog cool in summer months. Be sure to supervise Dog in a small poolplaytime, but your pup will love jumping and splashing in the water as they cool down and relax.

  8. Be sure to have multiple water dishes available to your pup and change them out often with fresh, cool water.

  9. Check your dog for heat stroke. Watch for the following symptoms:
    • Panting.
    • Dehydration.
    • Excessive drooling
    • Increased body temperature – above 103° F (39° C)
    • Reddened gums and moist tissues of the body.
    • Production of only small amounts of urine or no urine.
    • Rapid heart rate.

  10. Keep in touch with your vet! If you think your dog may have heat stroke, it is critical that you act quickly. Call Ashburn Veterinary Hospital at (703) 729-9200 if you believe your dog may be suffering from heat stroke.


Summertime is the perfect time to relax, unwind and enjoy some bonding time with your pet. If you keep these things in mind, we know you’ll have a beautiful, sunny and safe summer with your furry friends!



Keep Your Dog Safe in a Heat Wave

Show Your Love Giveaway!

Do you love Ashburn Veterinary Hospital? Get ready for a contest that lets you share your love for us and win big! Introducing our Show Your Love Giveaway!



It’s easy to enter!

1) Please leave an honest review on one of our many social media pages.
2) Easily choose from our Yelp, Google+ or Facebook Page.
3) Each review counts as 1 entry, so leave a review on all three websites to increase your chances of winning!
4) The winner will win a $50 Gift Certificate to Ashburn Veterinary Hospital to use for services or products.
5) The lucky winner will be chosen on June 1st!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with our hospital.

Ashburn Vet is now on Instagram!

We are excited to announce that Ashburn Veterinary Hospital is now on Instagram!  Follow us at Our Instagram Page to keep in touch with all the exciting happenings with our patients and our hospital.

Here at Ashburn Vet, we understand your pet’s special place in your family and are dedicated to providing quality wellness and preventative health care. Your dog is part of our family too and we are excited to feature some of our adorable patients on our Instagram.

Don’t forget to check us out here!



The Staff at Ashburn Vet

Exciting News for our Sister Hospital!

Today is the big day for Feline Medical Care Center as they say goodbye to their old clinic name and logo and embrace a new exciting chapter!

Feline Medical Care Center is now Fancy Paws Cat Clinic

Inspired by each unique and beautiful cat they care for, they are excited to change their name to one they believe better suits their love of all things feline. Remember, their hospital will remain the same practice you have grown to love with the same dedicated staff! The only change will be their name and logo design.

Thank you for your continued support as they make this transition!

FancyPawsVerticalproof1 copy

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Thomas Jones is the hospital administrator and founder of both Ashburn Veterinary Hospital and our sister hospital Feline Medical Care Center.  He is a 1978 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and has spent his years since in both small animal general and emergency practice.  After leaving his emergency practice in Richmond, he moved back to the Northern Virginia area and started the Ashburn Veterinary Hospital in 1994.Throughout his career Dr. Jones has been active in local, state and national veterinary associations and a participant in the Virginia Tech Veterinary Student Mentoring Program, as well as a member of The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

To remain current in the field, Dr. Jones attend a variety of continuing education seminars in all areas of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jane Currie is our Resident Surgeon. She shares our hospital’s passion for preventive and wellness care with a unique focus on holistic medicine. She also specializes in acupuncture, which has proven successful for our senior patients.
Dr. Currie graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.  In her free time she loves to go hiking with her husband and two children. You will often find her doing art projects with her children or spending a Sunday afternoon catching up on a good book.Dr. Currie assists our practice with routine surgeries, dental procedures, as well as Saturday office hours. Dr. Currie brings exceptional skill and a gentle touch to difficult dental cases.

We are excited to have another caring and experienced doctor as part of our practice family.

A Day in the Life

We had so much fun today taking this group shot of our team. This photo truly highlights the dedication, passion and love that our staff has for each and every patient we see. Thank you for letting us be a part of your dog’s life!

Group Staff Picture

Gardening Safety Tips for Your Dog

Spring is here and that means it’s time to prepare our garden plots for flowers, vegetables and more! Here at Ashburn Vet we love to garden but we also know that there are some dangers that need to be avoided as a dog owner.

I help you gardening

While you can find a more complete list of toxic plants at the ASPCA website here are some great tips for keeping your pup safe this spring and summer!

Top 10 Plants to Avoid:

  • Castor bean (Ricinus communis)
  • Oleander (Nerium oleander)
  • Morning Glory (Ipomea sp.)
  • Japanese Yew (Taxus cuspidata)
  • Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum)
  • Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
  • Nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
  • Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis)
  • Precatory Beans (Arbus precatorius)
  • Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans)

Other dangers include:

  • Compost bins- Coffee, moldy food and certain types of fruit and vegetables are toxic to dogs. Make sure to keep your compost bins away from your dog.
  • Mole baits-Mole baits often contain poisons that can kill your dog. Please read labels carefully before putting any sort of bait near your pet.
  • Pesticides- Read labels carefully! Many pesticides have specific drying times before it is safe for humans and pets to return to the yard.
  • Cocoa mulch- Cocoa Mulch is made from the hulls of cocoa beans and – when fresh – has a rich, chocolate aroma associated with it.  Depending on the amount involved, ingestion of cocoa mulch can cause a range of clinical signs, from vomiting, diarrhea and muscle tremors to elevated heart rate, hyperactivity and even seizures. Consider using a less-toxic alternative, such as shredded pine, cedar or hemlock bark, but always supervise your pups where fresh mulch is spread to make sure they are not ingesting it.
  • Fertilizers- Just like pesticides, fertilizers can cause severe health issues with your dog. Make sure to read instructions carefully to ensure you are waiting the appropriate amount of time before letting your pup back in the yard.

To read more about safe gardening and your dog, we recommend the links below!